Simon Clarke Going Solo Calling for PM To Leave Government


Ex-minister Simon Clarke wants Rushi Sunak to leave. In the BBC interview, Clarke refuses to talk about the current prime minister.

However, he then warned the party and stated that there was a strong defeat. Without a change of a political leader, he adds that nobody likes someone calling ‘iceberg.’

There are a lot of other senior Tories that give Simon criticism. He calls for Sunak to come down as Prime Minister.

Why Nobody Supports Clarke To Be PM

Thus, the public asked him if he felt surprised why nobody backed him up. Simon said that he expected it to be the start of the conversation. “There is a lot of hostile comments from everyone. I can accept it and I respect these views. Although these are evokes, I don’t care about them. Nobody wants someone calling a ‘iceberg’. However, I suspect people would feel even worse if it hit an ‘iceberg’. Unfortunately, that is my goal.” Simon told the media.

The prime minister of Cleveland told BBC that there was a wide range of views. It is in the party, and a lot of the colleagues agree with him. There are also hints that he expected other MPs to join him. He expects a new leader to join him in the new rally.

“It is a strong moment of decision, and after that, it depends on elections later on. After that, there might be other local elections in May. I know that there are others waiting to see if the decision will change.”

However, Simon is also asked by the press who should be the PM. The press asked who should be president instead of Sunak. There were quite a few people that could do the job. However, he did not release any names in public.

“I have done this job by myself. It was rather clear that I could do it all by myself. I do not want to make another person in my shoes over criticism. I know how it feels.”

Clarke Denies He Wants The Position For Himself

Simon also denies that he wants the position for himself. He states that he is clear of his weaknesses and his strengths. Simon received a backlash. The Daily Telegraph article tells him he will die unless Sunak becomes PM.

Former Home Secretary Patel states he is facile and self-indulgent. He states the country gets tired of MPs who only want their best interest as leaders. They want a PM who is acting in the best interests of the country.

A general election will come up in the next half of the year. The latest one will be on the 28th of January 2025. Simon is the former minister. He wishes Sunak off the seat. Former education Minister Jenkyns submitted a letter. She had no confidence in the PM, and that was last November.

To get a better election in leadership, 53 MPs have to write to the chairman. They have to get a new one. After Sunak became a chief treasury secretary, he supported Truss. He joins her in the cabinet as a Levelling Up secretary.

Another source close by stated that he had zero idea what Clarke was doing. He did not support what he told everyone. Simon faced some intervention after Sunak got a rebellion party. Sunak receives criticism from those who are not happy with his leadership.

“The country gets divided, and the drama goes on.” The PM states.


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