Tesla States There Will be Less Sales Growth in 2024


Tesla forecasts a large sales slowing down in 2024. It causes the car business to have low sales demand.

Elon Musk’s electric car maker states that sales growth will become lower. It will be even less than in 2023. However, deliveries go up to 38%. The business shares also dropped by 6% in a big trade in New York. It is after the grand announcement.

China Competitors Destroys Many Car Businesses

Mr Musk also states that Chinese competitors said the trade destroyed car businesses. It was global. Unless there are trade barriers, the problem will persist.

Tesla dropped prices a lot to keep more demand in the market. These moves helped them to sell almost 2 million vehicles in 2023. The sales from 2022 will go up to 40% in 2023. The income states that the income grew. However, it slowed down by the end of the year.

In other quarterly updates on investments, Tesla said the sales weren’t improving. It will only improve when a new model came in. The business states the car will cost less compared to its current car model. The car price is about £45000 in the United Kingdom.

“The business is facing two different growth waves. The first wave started with the global expansion of a new car model. A global expansion will create the next wave. It will relate to the next-gen car platform.” Mr Musk calls for other trade barriers for more competition. Thus, it comes after China’s BYD won over Tesla by becoming the bestseller carmaker in 2023.

Wednesday started a slowdown in sales, which also has wider signs of issues. These issues come to the market after a high growth in sales.

Car Sales Go Up in China

In China, car sales have gone up. However, it fails to create inroads compared to conventional cars at a part of the sales.

Back in China, there is a large market for vehicles. Car manufacturers cut down prices in the economy. However, in Europe, the sales of battery-powered electric vehicles will go down. It goes down by 17% based on 2022 stats. Based on the European automobile manufacturers, the stats are going down fast.

In the USA, big car businesses state that they are upscaling electric cars.

Tesla states in the last period of 2023, revenue hit 25.1 billion USD. It only increased by a small margin of 3%. In comparison with 2022, the profits were lower compared to the statistics.


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