NAR Continues to Fight to Make Sure the DOJ Case is Closed


There is an appeal to Court that the government might reopen the previous real estate case. NAR states that the decision is critical. While the NAR waits for the results of the case with home sellers, the business is paying attention elsewhere. They are paying attention to the litigation of the commission. NAR is going straight to war with the U.S. Department of Justice.

On Monday, a rehearing petition related to the DOJ case was filed with the Court of Appeals. The petition is a response to the court case in April. The panel of judges dropped a hint that the government agency might reopen the case. When the case reopens, there will be anticompetitive real estates when NAR comes in with new rules.

On Tuesday, the Court gave DOJ two weeks to give a reply to the petition in two weeks. NAR stated that the attorneys will answer in April. The whole statement states that this is a grey area that the Court has never touched. It is conflicted with all the different decisions made by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The judges stated that there were other decisions. These decisions will change the situation of people wishing to bargain from this case.

“The panel’s errors are important. Every single day, federal agencies will fix all different civil and criminal enforcement actions. These actions are changed among different parties. It is a stronghold principle that the government has to honour their promises in the contract. It does not matter which side they are on; they have to honour the promise.” NAR attorneys debated in Court.

NAR Continues to Fight to Make Sure the DOJ Case is Closed
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The antitrust case was settled in 2020 when Trump handled the case. There was also a chance in terms of administration. However, the DOJ wanted to cancel the deal and reopen the court case. The district court rejected the request but reversed the court decision. The arguments then broke down to the wording of the agreement. They stated that the case was closed, but the judges continued to fight. They fought whether the case would ever be reopened.

However, the case is not relevant to the case in Burnett. The cases are related to home sellers. NAR settled a compensation worth $418 million in damages. The rule states the agreements in the changes that will take effect in August, with terms finalizing in November. The decision is whether the DOJ can reopen the case and reopen the entire investigation. There might also be a significant change in the industry in February. Thus, the DOJ filed a statement relating to the Nosalek case. In the report, the DOJ can create fundamental changes to deal with commissions.

If the case gets opened again, the arguments might be a blueprint for the government to bring up a case against NAR. News Source – Realestatenews

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