Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Sells His Apartment for $22.5 Million


New England Patriots Owner, Kraft sold his apartment at the Iconic Plaza Hotel for about $22.5 million. The whole deal starts shortly after Kraft buys a new Manhattan area near Billionaires’ Row. Kraft bought his apartment for about 14 million in 2007, when they turned a part of the iconic hotel into a condominium, based on various records.

People couldn’t reach out to Kraft for any comments. The public also cannot determine the buyer’s identity right away.

Details of the apartment unit was scarce, and it wasn’t listed publicly for sale either. Located at a small section of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street, this piece of French apartment is as early as 1900s. The condos drew in many buyers over decades, including Hilfiger, a fashion designer, and Candy, a London Developer. Candy sold his apartment for $32.7 million back in 2017, while Hilfiger sold the whole apartment for $31.25 million two years later.

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Plaza Hotel Book About Famous Hotel in America

Based on the book about the Plaza, where there are stories about the most Famous Hotel in America by Satow, Kraft went through the place before they built the place. it was fuily built. Satow writes that he has nostalgic memories relating to the hotel. Having creating a record breaking at Super Bowl, Kraft made drawing numbers on the players’ jersey to let me make up his mind on the right unit to get.

The people stated that they could give him any apartment that he want to obtain. Kraft wanted to get the 12th floor apartment because it means Brady. Brady is Kraft’s quarterback. However, in the end he wanted to get two units and turn both apartments into one. However, the only floor available was not 12, but 11. Instead of getting Brady he turned it into Edelman.

Edelman is his former receiver. The condo’s there has lost some of its fame and glamour as other better condos come up in the area across the South of Central Park.

Less than a month ago, the whole entity made Kraft to buy two condo units for $34 million. The Architects designed new buildings, with investors with big names like Sting and Griffin.

Robert Kraft had first bought Patriots way back in 1994, after he became the chairman and chief officer at the Kraft Group, a private business including manufacturing and real estate assets. Kraft took a drink with the former Patriots coach on Netflix’s show. Thus, Kraft has a lot of luxury homes, which includes another property in Palm Beach, which he acquired at $23.75 million in the year end of 2022. In 2021, he also got a new property in Hamptons, and he also has a house in Chestnut Hill. News Source –

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