Ukraine Family Visa Scheme No Longer Available to New Applicants


A visa scheme that lets Ukrainians join their other family members in the UK is closed. There are no more new applications accepted. The government just released the news lately. Minister Pursglove said the whole decision was made so that they could control fleeing Russians to the US. The decision was made without warning and needed to be kinder. However, the separate homes for the Ukraine scheme stay open. It is for eligible people. It allows people in the UK to enable Ukrainian refugees to stay there even without family ties.

More than 200 thousand people have come to the UK since the war started. It will mark a second anniversary on Saturday.

On Sunday, the government released the news that Ukrainians running can get a visa extension. The visa extension can be given another 18 months. There have also been newer arrivals with only three more years to stay. It means that the visa will expire in 2025. However, Pursglove says that there is a ministerial statement. The statement says the visa lengths are cut down from 36 months to 18 months.

Ukraine Family Visa Scheme No Longer Available to New Applicants
Image Source : BBC

Ukraine Family Scheme Will Close Down

The statement also states that the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme will close down. It will turn into effect at 15:00 GMT starting from Monday. Pursglove says the scheme was a response to the Russian invasion. There are also a lot of accommodation checks. Thus, there is also a minimum accommodation commitment. All of these are not in the Ukraine Family Scheme.

The Home Affairs spokeswoman Thewliss states, “The Home Office promises to stand with Ukraine. While they prepare to celebrate the terrible Putin war, they try to avoid these inadequate measures. The immigration minister Kinnock states: ” They impose family rights restrictions when Ukrainian troops are under heavy fire. It also sends the wrong message to the people in Ukraine. It is how willing the UK is willing to back them up.”

“Ministers should explain these measures and how Ukraninians will be safe under these changes.”

Solomon states, “It is a huge issue for people in war to not be able to reunite.” There should be safe routes for all the families to reunite because the law passed at such short notice. “Moreover, there are a lot of disadvantages of people with one-off visa schemes. It helps them for a while, leaving them in limbo. Furthermore, it makes people uncertain about their future. Instead of this last-minute approach, the UK should create a stable, global scheme. There should be similar rights, which means a refugee family reunion.”

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Different Needs for Other Family Sponsors

Pursglove announces changes for other eligibility needs for other sponsors on the Ukraine scheme. The minister says that visa holders also get proper accommodation and proper support. They should be able to survive properly in the UK. Sponsors for extra new visas will either be British or Irish citizens. They also need to have the right to stay permanently in the UK. It is a strict requirement for a family visa. Thus, it also needs a family member in the UK to be ready to become a sponsor.

A sponsor of the Ukraine scheme also needs to have at least permission to stay. The duration should be at least six months from the start of the visa application. Thus, the sponsors must also pass security and criminal checks. However, councils must also go through living places and ensure everything goes well.

News Source – BBC

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