Christian Horner – Formula 1 Wants Red Bull to Resolve the Controversy


Horner is the Red Bull team principal. They are facing different allegations of bad and controlling attitudes. The comments are towards a female coworker. The behavior is unacceptable, and Christian Horner received severe allegations.

The team has led the whole team since 2005. He denies all the allegations. “They will solve the problem as soon as possible. It will be a thorough case.”

“Red Bull created a fast investigation on the internal affairs. These allegations created on the Red Bull Racing.” “There are no further comments.”

When the allegations appeared two weeks ago, Red Bull released a statement. It is very serious . Other parties are also affected by Horner’s behavior.

Their team states that it is launching a third-party investigation. An external auditor is carrying out the investigation. It will finish soon.

Christian Horner Gets Interview For Bad Behavior

Christian Horner receives a lawyer interview for a few hours. When the Red Bull launches a new F1 car, there will be a thorough process. The lawyer will create an entire report for submission to the board. Nobody disclosed the lawyer’s identity. There are also no details about the case. They will keep everything a secret until further investigation. Red Bull shuts its mouth tight about this incident.

Meanwhile, the Ford giant, who is the engine partner of Red Bull, gave a statement. Mark is the head of the Ford business. It is a family company and has a high level of standards. They state they expect the same thing from their partners.

Red Bull Handles Allegations Seriously

Red Bull should take this very seriously. They are also worried about the brand. Thus, they are taking severe accountability for what happened. This is the reason why there is a third-party investigation until the truth comes out. However, it is too soon to comment on it.
The FI governing body will release no comments until the investigation goes on.

Lawyer Creates Report For Bad Allegations

Red Bull’s lawyer has to create a report for submission. The US car giant Ford is making no comments on this issue. It is until they carry out further investigation.

After that, Red Bull’s pre-season will take place in Bahrain. It will start on Feb 21 and end on Feb 23. Horner released the statement to the press earlier that week. He intends everything else to remain secret. It is until further investigation takes place. They make no other comments.


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