Biden states ‘Big War Crimes’ in Ukraine in Russia’s New Sanctions.


Biden, the US president, declares that there are war crimes in Ukraine. Russia forced a retreat in Kyiv, and there were bloody executions. The bloody executions were for creating US sanctions in Moscow.

Biden asked nations that were accountable to come forward. They had to bring out the responsible parties.’ Biden states. President Biden told the union crowd when the White House released new sanctions. The sanctions relate to Russia’s biggest banks. The whole case involved President Putin’s daughters.

Russia Gets New Sanctions from Biden

The economic costs and ratchets will go up for Putin. It is to strengthen Russian economic isolation,” Biden states. He tries to make a statement about the ongoing war. The press released horrifying photos in Bucha. It showed zero inhumanity, and Biden wishes to punish the accountable parties.

The US imposed sanctions to improve Russia’s economy. There is news that there are harsh consequences for the invasion of Ukraine. These events did not ease Putin’s brutal war.

Biden Thinks Putin is A War Criminal

Biden stated that Putin was a war criminal. This week, Biden held Moscow accountable for the slaughter. Yet, proseuting war crimes is not easy. The parties responsible were not on trial.

But Biden praises Ukraine for being able to protect their city. The war raged on, but Ukraine retained its city. “There is grit and bravery in the Ukrainian people. Today, their city is alive.” Biden states. “The war is not over and will continue for some time.” He spoke.

China’s Issues with Russian Sanctions

There is “blocking” on Russia’s famous banks. The famous financial institutions are Sberbank and Alfa Bank. If these banks shut down, they will cause Russia’s economy to collapse. The entire thing is to restrict all financial transactions with US banks. The US bank will freeze all the assets. “The people cannot assess their money. They can’t do anything at all.”

Sberbank is about one-third of Russia’s whole banking system. The White House states that they released the sanction for the bank restriction. They blocked about two-thirds of the bank sector.

“The bad reality is that the Russian War will make it hard for their citizens to travel.” The sanction will freeze US debit cards. They might have to buy temporary clothes and phones.” The official told the press.

When they target Putin’s daughters, they try to freeze Putin’s assets. Nobody knows what he is hiding in his daughter’s assets. It is a common elite practice. New sanctions will cut everyone off from the American banking system. The assets are also frozen.
Putin has a social contract with the Russian people. He took away the Russians’ freedom to give them stability, but he failed in his word. The Russians feel that he is a failure, and he is beginning to realize it.


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