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Best Places to Go in San Francisco

Historical Place: Presidio National Park

Historical Place Presidio National Park
Source by bbc

History shows in every part of the parkland at Golden Gate Bridge. The people here are actually from Muwekma, Ohlone. It was called the Presidio for hundreds of centuries before it became a military base. Congress then closed it down, and it turned into a national park.

If you feel bored, then you should visit the Presidio. It has a lot of windy roads for you to cycle and hike amongst gorgeous trees. Former officers and other army barracks turned museums and lodgings into holiday venues. It even highlights Walt Disney’s life in the Gilded Age. You can even see an air hanger in the indoor trampoline park.

One of the newest additions is the Tunnel Tops. It is where two tunnels replaced the road when there was an earthquake. There is a campfire circle and large play structures with fallen trees. Tunnel Tops connects the Presidio to Crissy Field and has excellent seaside views.

Best For Hangouts: El Rio

Best For Hangouts El Rio
Source BBc

El Rio was once a gay bar in the 1970s. It is now one of the most beloved neighbourhood institutions. The sign “Your Dive” was one of its former names. However, this bar is for LQBTQ spaces, and straight people come here too. Locals love to go here for Salsa Sundays. They also come for the drag bingo nights, where strange artists showcase their talent. So many lights are on the lemon trees, with samba singers and actresses. The food is excellent, and there are endless dance parties for young people. Margaritas are a must, and the locals enjoy the fun.

Best For Exercise: Staircases in San Francisco

Best For Exercise Staircases in San Francisco
Source by bbc

You might not know this, but San Francisco is a lovely city with hills. There are also a lot of attractive staircases where you can exercise. The town has a hundred staircases, most tucked away in urban jungles. Some offer a nice reprieve and skyline vistas. 

Residents also have a good climb with a staircase full of stars leading to a nice, natural park. There are old rock formations in the park. Apart from that, the Castro district boasts the Vulcan Steps. It goes upwards for two blocks with nice-looking bungalows and terrace houses. Saturn Steps is the only staircase leading to the actual San Francisco Park. People rest on the wooden benches in the park.


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