Tiger Woods Ends His 27-year Partnership with Top Brand Nike


Tiger Woods has been partnering up with the famous sportswear company called Nike. However, their long-term collaboration has finally ended.

Woods is a big golf champion and has been an ambassador for Nike for a long time since 2016. He is now an expert golf player.
“My days were full of memorable and victorious days. If I were to name them one by one, they would never end,” Woods stated on social media.

Nike stated that having Woods with their team for a long time was a big honor. “He is one of the world’s best athletes,” Nike pronounced.

Woods, 48, stated that his first five-year contract with Nike. It was when he became an expert golfer was when he hit 20 in 1996.
The deal also got him a lot of money, giving him a good reputation in the entire sports history. It is when Woods began to take over the golf world for more than a decade. It made him the top three golf champion.

Woods Became a Golf Icon

Once he became a sports star, Woods signed even further, getting more deals as his career improved. It included a 10-year contract. The deal was about $200M.

Dergenger, a professor, stated that Nike and Woods collaborating was a win-win situation.

In 2013, the entire contract between Woods and Nike was about how Woods could advertise Nike. It also increased golf equipment sales, which he began to use in 2000.

Dergenger also stated that Woods promoted golf equipment for a decade. Research stated that Nike got back their sales proceeds for their investment in the US. Dergenger stated that they got back about 60% of the investment.

“Woods did not have a prominent place in the golf industry. But, when Nike invested in him, it turned him into a rising star.”

Prof Dergenger stated, “Who else is better than this golf superstar to get a gold brand and apparel from Nike? No one beats Woods! He managed to influence a lot of people to become a golfer! He has done it for 25 years and has done it again! It sounds like a modus operandi, but as many more athletes are coming up. Nike can celebrate new brands with the new generation! The sales will keep jumping upwards.”

Tiger Woods and Nike
Source by bbc

End Note

Even while Woods gained fame and had a scandal, Nike stayed loyal even when he had an affair. Significant brands like Gilette cut ties with Woods. But, Nike did not want to leave and gave him all the support he needed. Woods thanked the staff, told them it was an honor to meet them, and that he was grateful for being a part of Nike.

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