Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris Find Even Ground After Getting a Divorce


Morris gets the divorce she wants in October. She went through the divorce papers and got the terms she wanted post-divorce. There are different court documents that they got from the court. Both agreed to take care of their three-year-old son. and make sure that he gets the custody he deserves.

Based on the legal papers, Morris states she will be his primary parent. They will have their son for about 180 days each year; they must also divide the right time with them. They get to share their son from week to week, spend proper time with their son, and also get to Face Time with their kid. Everything will be fair for both parents.

Moreover, they also divide their holidays depending on whether the year is an even or odd one. They also agree to work out proper travel schedules based on different papers. In other words, they wish to be there with their son.

The papers show that both parents will play a role in making big decisions for their kids. They also ensure that, no matter the decision, both parents will make the right one.

Morris Pays For Custody Expenses

Hurd earns about 40k per month, while Morris earns about 200k. It means Morris must fork out $2100 for the other parent every month. There are no issues relating to the disagreement or custody issues. Morris and Hurd have already reached mediation grounds.

Morris and Hurd go through the entire divorce process and wait for the court’s approval to let it go public. All the documents state that their prenuptial agreement will stay intact. The court will not release the papers to protect the family’s privacy. Both parents agree that neither will cover alimony expenses. Each will cough out their legal costs.

When each of them communicated, they shared their dreams that they were going into their new year.

Morris stated that she wouldn’t give anyone answers. She will protect her feelings and herself first. She wants to have an empowerment year in 2024. Many of her friends are also going through the same thing. She hopes that everyone can join hands together and prays that things will improve as time passes. Many reports state that it is better to be single in 2024. She agrees, too.


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