South Korea Gives Warning of Eating Fried Toothpicks


South Korea’s Food Ministry is trying to make the public stop eating fried toothpicks. The toothpicks come from starch. It also turns into the latest viral trends.

Videos state that there are a lot of people eating it with delicious seasonings. These toothpicks with powdered cheese are getting a lot of likes and shares online. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are showing a lot of food toothpick videos.

Food ministry tells them starch toothpicks are hygienic. However, the safety of the food products are using different standards. Likewise, the protection of eating toothpicks as food is dangerous. They urge the public not to eat it.

They create the toothpicks from potatoes or cornstarch. Thus, the food has a green colouring to it. It is also taken in restaurants in South Korea. Press reports that it is a popular food.

Fried Green Toothpicks Gone Viral

TikTok users state that the food is very crispy. However, South Korea’s ministry released a statement about producing dog meat. Animal welfare issues end the country’s harmful practices. Now, they are trying to eat fried green toothpicks.

The Tiktok users used videos of the fried toothpicks as food. It is a sanitary product, and they cook it in oil and eaten. The food videos have then gone viral.

The food colouring makes the toothpicks green. They create it from potato starch. Thus, the food has to be biodegradable. They are the latest finger foods in South Korean restaurants.

Many videos they call “Mukbang” show people eating a lot of food. It also has a lot of unique dishes. Moreover, these videos are viral in South Korea.

TikTok users state that it is “very crispy”. The person was crunching on the fried toothpick.

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