M3F Music Festival 2024 – Upcoming Festivals in the US


There is an upcoming large music festival. Some people are going to enjoy this festival. There are many popular performers like Fike and Praks. It will bring hype to the latest festive season. Thus, it is all coming in 2024. Thus, the whole M3F festival is an NGO organization. There will be a great holiday season.

Producers Work Hand In Hand In This Musical Festival

Moreover, it will also be a team-building exercise for the producers. The organization donated all their income to charitable organizations. The entire donation will reach about $ 2 million by the beginning of 2022. However, it went all the way up to $5.2 million. The figures are from the latest inceptions, starting in 2004. The festival will take part on Friday, 1st March 2024 and Saturday, 2nd of March, 2024. The venue is in Phoenix at Steele Indian School Park.

There is also a big focus on the whole charity aspect. It is expanding from the previous year right from the start. Thus, it also launches from the beginning of the M3F Fund. Therefore, they create the funds for the public by organizing open applications. It is all from NGO organizations. The entire fund comes from the sales ticket proceeds.

Who Did the Fund Donations Help

The whole round of the M3F fund donations from 2024 helped a children’s hospital. It received about $ 100,000 towards the therapy program. Moreover, it also allows the Leukemia Society to hit about 75k in the fundraising event. Therefore, the whole year will take part in Mesa on the 12th of November. Proceeds will also bring different benefits to the company’s research. The research relates to blood cancer and supports patients.

Other M3F fund initiatives will also include a 5k donation. The donation goes to St Vincent in September. It comes with two families moving into all the houses in their fundraising project. The NGO organization also help children in need. Overall, the kid will go through music therapy that the M3F funds.

However, there are other beneficiaries in the festival’s inception. The beneficiaries include Habitat for Humanity, United Way and Boys Hope Girls Hope. However, the M3F Fund applications for this year are open. People willing to donate must provide a proper, clear, measurable plan. The plan has to include the four pillars. The pillars are arts, environment, education and community.

M3F Festival Moves To A Whole New Phoenix Location in 2024

Fans will expect a great music experience in a bigger location. It should be bigger compared to previous years. There are also more art activations when the festival goes to the Steel Indian School Park. Thus, there are three music stages.

Therefore, this is the third time M3F has moved since the start of the year. It went to Margaret T Hance Park. It has been there for three years at a small music venue. The manager states that everyone is very excited about it. Over the past few years, people have felt and heard things from their fans. They said that there is a lack of capacity. So, people wanted to make something to recreate more space and allow the team to grow. There is a new location of about 20k. In the past years, the overall capacity is less than that. However, there is also less red tape, and it has more prestige now.

We wish to make a memorable experience for everyone. It is a large part which takes off productions and activations and makes it immersive. When people go to the M3F Music festival, they feel they are in a musical world.

M3F Festival 2024 Lineup

As usual, the festival comes with a lot of talent, from EDM to pop and R&B music. Many performers are taking part that day, from SG Lewis and Edapollo to Young Franco—a big day for everyone.



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