Food Bank Gets New Van After 30 Over Fines for Clean Air


A food bank in Newcastle was hit with more than 30 fines. The owner then bought a new fan that will not get fines in the clean air zone. Kenton Food Bank got several fines after it used a Mercedes van to get donations from the city. After some fundraising, the charity could even get a 2019 model. They continue to increase the collections several times a week.

The food bank manager said it was a relief and gave special thanks to the community for the moral support. However, they also stated that the CAZ is very strict on the rules. Due to this, they get fines so many times despite their good intentions.

Food Bank – It’s A Win-Win Situation

For a new car, they buy a new Mercedes Sprinter from a £17.5k donation from an LGA foundation. They also got a £4.5k car upgrade from the council. The remaining amount was about £900 donated by the crowd funder and the residents.

Ms. Wilson said, “It is a great solution. No more getting fines when collecting donations in Newcastle.” In other words, it is a win-win situation. She also states, “It is a big relief. Over the end of Christmas, people are searching for people needing donations. After that, there are food supplies coming in. If you let people down, nobody will donate anymore.” They needed the confidence and support of the local community. It is to keep feeding other people.

A Happy Ending

Dickinson, a local businessman, runs a construction firm. He is a regular donor to the food bank. He is glad that they solved all the issues. It is a good, happy ending.

Kenton counselor Lambert states they are glad the food bank has a new van. Liberal Councillor Lovatt volunteered to get donations. The donations are for charity. But the council meeting the previous week resolved problems. However, the problem is now fixed, and he is glad.

Food bank founders Wilson and Armstrong raised a lot of money to stop the closure of the food bank. The food bank passed its first anniversary. In the past 12 months, it has generated more than £2 million from fines and charges. The food bank had a large penalty, which might cost more than £4000. This is because they thought that they waived the tolls.

At the charity, the councilors complained that the NGO groups had been destroyed. These groups have fallen through the cracks. Newcastle City Council decided to cancel late penalties. They give the food bank only £12.50 for each of the 32 charges.

Moran Wilson
Image: Newcastle Chronicle

Moran Wilson also adds. “It is great that everyone knows that we will not get fines anymore. It is between nonprofits and other NGO groups. However, I am hoping that things will change.” He states that the rules were strict and that they received 32 fines.

Another Newcastle and Clean Air Zone spokesperson said,” They confirmed the grant. It goes to the food bank. We hope it can help them upgrade their vehicle.” “In the end, we processed the funding applications. It takes about two months. Once they process everything, we will get the funds.” Since Kenton Foodbank has now received its donation, their new van will no longer get fines.

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