Different Types of Exterior House Stone That Can be Used to Build Your Dream Home


Pick suitable materials when you wish to get different types of exteriors for your home. An excellent exterior home stone is a perfect choice for all homeowners. It also adds elegance and durability to everybody’s home. Let’s look at the different types of exterior house stone that you can use for outer houses.

Various Types of Exterior House Stone That Everyone Will Love

There are a lot of natural types of exterior house stone that people use in their dream homes. It is a great building material that homemakers have been using for centuries. Most of the different exterior home stone designs are obtainable. Each has other characteristics and features. Some of the well-known exterior home materials are limestone and granite.

  1. Granite: A rather complex yet durable material for exterior home design. It is famous for its glorious beauty in different colors. The favourite colors are black, and grey, with marble white.
  2. Limestone: It is a rock known for its soft, delicate texture. It is used in facades and fireplaces.
  3. Sandstone: It is a stone for outside the house with unique grain patterns. The material is used in flooring and walls.
Various Types of Exterior House Stone
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Why Is Picking the Right Types of Exterior House Stone Important?

When picking the correct type of stone, consider the weather conditions. For instance, granite and limestone last longer and are weather-resistant. It makes the stone facing on house a good choice for rainy areas. Thus, when using sandstone and slate, the material becomes porous. It might need heavy-duty maintenance in the long run.

Different Ways To Design Different Types of Exterior House Stone

  1. Veneer: One of the best ways to design your exterior stone on front of house is using veneer. It can create a nice, natural, beautiful look that enhances the house’s aesthetics.
  2. Paving: Another great way to put different types of exterior stone décor is to use good material. It is great for walkways and patios.
  3. Colors: When you design different outdoor stone wall, you get other design elements. There are different types of textures, patterns, and colors. Pick a natural stone with proper texture and color.
  4. Patterns: On the other hand, pick an excellent exterior house stone with a stylish pattern. The color variation should also have a conventional look.
  5. Roofing: It is crucial to see how the natural stone will blend in with other building materials. For instance, a suitable home stone material will complement the building’s roof look.
  6. Size and Shape: Properly using different natural types of outer house stone will increase the building’s aesthetic.
Various Types of Exterior House Stones
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Inspiring Options To Learn Different Possibilities of Getting a Best Types of Exterior House Stone Design


The material is a rather sedimentary rock that people use for construction purposes. It is a soft, delicate home stone material with a light color. Moreover, it also has a smooth surface. Thus, it is an excellent option for people who want a European-looking house.

Why Use Limestone?

  • It is easy to handle, always available, and very durable.
  • It is natural and rather attractive looking. Getting it will add more value to the home.
  • The material is a soft stone, easy to carve, and popular with window and door panes.


Sandstone is a rock created from sand-sized rock grains. The rock is durable, and it is an excellent type of stone with a lot of patterns. The material is a great choice for houses with natural looks. These are the best types of rocks for home exterior.

Why Use Sandstone?

  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is also durable.
  • It is easy to handle and manage. You can cut them into small shapes and sizes. It will fit a lot of different architectural styles.
  • Sandstone is a simple material that will increase the aesthetic of the building’s exterior.


Granite is a rather complicated rock coming from lava. It is also a durable material for the exterior of the home. The stone is available in different colors and patterns. It is a good choice for a modern-looking house. Therefore, there are many options for getting granite for your home.

Granite home exterior stone
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Why Use Granite?

  • It is durable and weather-resistant.
  • Granite is hard and dense. It does not crack or chip easily.
  • Fireproof material. It makes it a good option for building places prone to fire.
  • Granite is an excellent material that adds more aesthetics to the building’s exterior.
  • It is created in many different colors. These features make it an excellent option for different types of styles.


It is a metamorphic rock created from limestone. The texture is soft, and it is usually a creamy white marble colors. Marble is an excellent choice for houses of elegance.

Why Use Marble?

  • Marble is durable and weather-resistant. It also has an excellent appeal.
  • It will add some value to the house and is also low on maintenance.


It is another type of limestone coming from geysers and hot springs. The rock is porous. You can get it in different colors and patterns. Thus, it is an excellent choice for homeowners searching for rustic looks.

Types of Exterior House Stones
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Why Use Travertine?

  • It is a natural beauty, and you don’t need much time to maintain it.
  • Travertine is weather-resistant and high in moisture and heat. This makes it an excellent option for outdoor usage.

Takeaway – Always Use the Natural Types of Exterior House Stone 

There are so many different modern stone house designs you can pick from. It does not matter which material you use, as long as it fits the house. Customize the home design properly, and you will not regret renovating your house. It is time to get a new home revamp!

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