What Termites Causes and Symptoms That You Need to Know!


What Termites Causes in the House?

As everyone knows, termites are tiny little pests! They live underground in small colonies. Moreover, colonies can also travel a long distance searching for home and food. Due to this reason, termites are found in rather wet places. Termites usually go into buildings through foundation cracks or wood. Once they get inside, they damage the building’s structure. Moreover, they also eat up the wood. On the other hand, there are many reasons why you have Termites Causes. Some of the reasons you might have a termite infestation is because:

Moisture :- As we mentioned earlier, termites are like damp places. They will go a long way to reach it. Thus, you might get termites if your roof leaks or if there is moisture in the apartment! They can contact the apartment easily.

Wood :- A lot of things attract termites to your house. However, one of the best reasons why termites are in your house is because of the wood. Termites enjoy eating wood, so if you have wooden furniture, you might invite them! If there is wood in your house, termites can damage your home’s foundation. There are other wooden structures in the house. Termites also eat different types of things like wood or cardboard.

Cracks in Home Foundation :- Your place of stay has a lot of cracks or holes in the home foundation or walls. These give termites a way to enter your home and start an infestation. If you feel termites are in your home, get rid of them quickly! Call a professional to help you out. They might create a lot of damage to your home, so act fast!

What Are the Most Common Types of Termites?

Termites Causes
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There are a lot of termites everywhere, but don’t worry – they are not really everywhere! Termite nests spread many different miles across your home. Knowing that there are a few common types of termites to watch out for is crucial. Get experts to solve this Termites Causes issue. Now, let’s look at the different types of termites.

Subterranean Termites 

This is a rather obvious-looking termite, and they are very destructive! The colonies can consist of about 2 million termites. These termites can eat through the wood structure in your house. However, they need soil to survive, and they can come from the floor of your home.

Drywood Termites

You can only find these termites in dry wood. They do not need any moisture to survive. These termites only come in when you buy a lot of big wooden tables or furniture. Once termites are in the house, they will eat up all the furniture, so beware!

Dampwood Termites

Lastly, you can find damp wood termites. They are located on wet plants and also wood. However, they have no disease, and they don’t damage the house structure. However, as a piece of mind, get rid of the termite as fast as possible!

How You Can Identify Termite Infestations?

Termites infestations can also cost you thousands of dollars of damage. You might not even know about it. Getting a proper termite inspection carried out by a professional is crucial. Moreover, The inspection has to be done once every three years.

It is to make sure your property is free of termites. However, red flags still signal unwanted pests in your home. Homeowners need to bear an eye for termites regularly. Here, we have different signs of termite infestation to watch out for!

Swarmers :- Which they call reproductives, are young winged termites. In the spring, after a winter, termite swarmers come out from the nest to start mating. They also search for a new place to begin a colony. Sometimes, they pick your home as a breeding ground! Termite swarmers are the first sign of a termite issue.

Mud Tubes :- These termites are rather destructive. They create mud tubes to stay in damp areas. Most of their homes are near a big pile of mud tubes.

Wood Damage :- The termites consume a lot of wood and can create a lot of big infestations. You should make sure that there are no wood splinters around the house.

Bubbling Paint :- When there is bubbling paint on the surface, it means a build-up of moisture. It either means that there is water damage or termites causes at work.

Frass :- These termites are called drywood termites. They eat infested wood as food. If you find a small pile of wood, then maybe there is an infestation.

Damage Created By Different Termites

You might not know it – but your home might be under attack now. Even when you are sleeping, it is not one attacker but thousands of little terrorists.

Formosan :- They are very destructive. These pests have come from the USA, China, and Taiwan. It then comes into the US through port cities. Scientists believe that they spread through the US via wooden railroad stakes. They can also infest up to 30% of the state’s trees. There are also a lot of them in Mexico, California, and Georgia.

Subterranean : The name comes from ground termites, where they live underground or in colonies. Thus, the food source is wood, where they can go up and dig a tunnel up to 150 feet. The source of food could be your house! They are found in the US and also in North America. Thus, they can destroy home structures and insulation or pipes.

Drywood :- These little pests stay above the ground and prefer to make their home inside trees and wood. They do not need a lot of water in the nest. Instead, they get the water from the air. Drywood termites live in the wood, eating it inside out. They make homes with doors and frames. Wood with dry wood termites causes looks excellent, but they might fall apart.

Final Words about the Termites Causes

If you are trying to get rid of termites, call an expert! These experts have the right equipment that only the professionals have. They can solve the problem fast and efficiently. However, if you wish to do it yourself, you can do so. There are stuff where home improvement stores sell. Typical homeowners can’t do an excellent job as professionals, so get proper help.

In fact, experts say that if you tackle the job yourself, it only makes it worse. Call a pest exterminator one day to check the soil of your home. Give yourself less headache while staying free from pests!

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