Madonna Releases Photo with Her Father at a Concert


Madonna makes a grand stop on her world tour. They call it “Celebration.”. She is a “Vogue” superstar. She shared Instagram stories last Wednesday. Fans noted the photo of her and her father.

Madonna is a Michigan native. She wrapped her arms around her 92-year-old father. The photo had “I love you, Dad” with three blue hearts. She was showcasing a show in Detroit and hoped it would be special. Fans went mad after seeing the cute photo between her and her father.

The pop star icon hopes her father is proud of her. She cares what her father thinks of her. The superstar hopes her father can see how much she has gone through. Moreover, Madonna knows how to make it to the top. She wishes that her father could see it, too.

Father Taught Madonna Meaning of Life

Father Taught Madonna Meaning of Life
Source by cnn

Moreover, she added, “People do not know how cool it is to come from Detroit.” The star adds that their hometown pushed her to become a star. Madonna also told the press that her dad taught her the meaning of hard work. He told her it was essential to earn a living in life. Life isn’t a day at the beach. “You must prepare to get where you are in life.” Madonna paused, then stated, “I thank you so much, Dad.” Fans feel stunned by her statement.

“If any of you think I am a beast or a warrior, it is because of my dad,” Madonna told everyone. Having a father teaches her how difficult life is. She also wishes to turn herself into an example for the next generation.

Madonna continued to share pictures of her collaboration with Gaultier. The designer created a lot of great garments. Twenty years ago, he created a gold corset from a “Blonde Ambition” tour. It comes with a cone-shaped bra. It is iconic, and die-hard fans remember this stunning outfit.

Raising Funds for Orphans in Africa

In the Instagram story, she produced a special T-shirt for the tour. The sales of the shirt are going to the orphanage in Africa.

The charity fund will go to the orphans in Malawi, Africa. Madonna then takes the Celebration tour to Montreal. It will end up in Canada and then in the US in April. The tour will end with five shows in Mexico. She hopes that fans will be happy to see her show.

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